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Be a skinny vegan!

Join me on your path to wellness and correct body weight. Learn how to get that skinny body with a whole foods plant based diet, oil, salt, and sugar free. Learn to reach your fitness goals. Learn how to protect all animals. 

30 Day Vegan Health Watch

Text me before October 1 to receive $10.00 off 30 Days of coaching. My coaching begins the first of every month but I have required reading ahead. Please purchase: The Starch Solution by Dr. John McDougall. Then you must watch two films on Netflix: "Forks Over Knives" and "What the Health". Then please call me, before the start date, at 916-798-5516 so I can explain how my coaching works. My clients lose 1-4 lbs. per week. 

Take Charge of Your Life!

Let me help you find out how to make  food and get that skinny healthy body!

No more Yo-Yo dieting. No more calorie counting. No more portion sizes.

No matter how much you need to lose, you can do this. Talk to my clients who have reached their goals!

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Contact Us at veganmentor@gmail.com

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Go for your goals!

I adore helping people get healthy. Having once been almost 50 lbs overweight, I understand your fears and challenge. I help you make this easy and doable!

You will also learn why our food choices are important for protecting animals and our earth!

Going vegan is the best choice you will ever make for yourself. You will never go back. Your health will improve quicky and your energy level will rise immensel. 

Skinny Vegan

2550 Rio Bravo Circle, Sacramento, CA 95826, US

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